Separate old patterned beliefs

“ Shell guided me through a process where I was able to separate my old patterned beliefs about money from what money actually is. This separation allowed me to see myself, my behaviors around money, and the money traps I was in much more clearly so I could begin to make changes in my day to day relationship with money. I feel so much better about myself and have become more mindful around how I think of and spend my money. Thanks Shell!”

— Margie Allison

Positively changed my relationship with money

Working with Shell has positively changed my relationship with money—as in both “completely” and “for the better”.  I attended a presentation by Shell for small business owners, enticed by the suggestion that there were others out there, like myself, who enjoyed everything about their small business except for when it came to charging clients.   

“Before working with Shell I not only felt insecure about collecting money for my business, I also felt intimidated by the concept of managing my personal money.  I knew about saving and living within a budget, but I did so out of fear of “running out”.  Working with Shell produced a personal transformation from fear to empowerment, when it came to my relationship with money.  Incidentally (or not at all, as Shell knows) this transformation occurred across a broad spectrum of my life at the same time.

“I highly recommend Shell’s guidance to anyone who has ever felt that money caused an ounce of uncertainty in their lives.  If you know you’d like to feel better about money, Shell knows how to get you there.  She is knowledgeable, caring, witty, smart, thoroughly professional, and dedicated to her client’s success.”

— Kath Mertens, DVM

More exciting answers than how many bedrooms

“A new client I have –  28 year old male, first time home buyer, moving to Wichita, never been here, approved for $300k or more, in the military, single never married. I asked him two of your questions and his answers are much more exciting to me than how many bedrooms, etc. 

“His answers:  “When I walk through the door, I want it to feel like ahh, this is where I can relax and feel comfortable at peace with the day. That is something I never had renting and living in apartments. Some weekends or days off, I could spend the day lounging on the couch and watching movies, or I could go for a run or a hike. I also like to socialize, so meeting friends downtown for a drink or catching a game at a bar. I’d like to have a room in the house to start a home gym…”

“I can help him so much better knowing this information, I have lived here my whole life and I know where to hike because I hike, I know where the bars are for him to go to downtown, I will even be able to introduce him to people his age.  I can see him coming home and feeling how he wants to feel, like I can visualize him plopping on the sofa and kicking back with his arms behind his head and a big smile on his face.  The little tip about the home gym is even more telling! Super excited about this new approach!” 

— Ronda Welsh

Helping me SO much

You are helping me SO much so I don’t feel guilty about money and my shortfalls. Our accountant even said we handled our money well last tax season! Thank you again.

— Donna Hood

Clear, unconditional guidance

I started working with Shell at a time when my frustration around money had reached a crisis point. I’d tried everything and everyone, but I just couldn’t find my way out. Then I met Shell, and she gave me something no one else could –  clear, unconditional guidance that released me from the shame and judgement that kept leading back to the problem. She identified my strengths and taught me how to bring them forward as the solution. If you’re really ready to untangle the knot, call Shell.”

— Adam Klugman

Effective and fun speaker

“What can I say, but WOW! It was such a pleasure having you as guest speaker at our luncheon. I saw a lot of heads nod when you were discussing our money traps. You are an effective and fun speaker that really hits on a topic near and dear to all of us. Thank you.”

— Barbara Hart, PABA board member

So promptly delivered

“Many thanks for the feedback — so promptly delivered I might add! Your feedback reflects what I myself was thinking while I did the test — there is a disconnect, and I am working on it.”

— Gail Stevens

Very eye opening

“Thank you so much for your expert knowledge and insight about our thoughts, values and beliefs surrounding money. It was very eye opening and such a new perspective of it for me.”

— Chris

The juice you need in your day

“This CD is the juice you need in your day to keep the money ideas flowing easily.  Shell is an excellent guide in the relaxation experience to welcome positive mindset this allows you to be open to the world of plenty!”

— Donna Mac

Attacking money tangles from a different angle…

“The Money Groundwork self-hypnosis session was different than any hypnosis I’d done before. It takes you higher, rather than lower (you’ll have to listen to it to know just what I mean), and expands your awareness of more than just money. Whether listening to it during the day or before sleep, it has a very calming and comforting effect. The messages that it puts into your subconscious are reaffirming, encouraging, and clever, and will leave you feeling better about money after every session. Also, Shell has a great speaking voice, and that carries over very well to a hypnosis session. I highly recommend the Money Groundwork recording as a permanent addition to your money-knot-untangling process.”

— Arthur Breur