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Not Just a Makeover!

It’s been almost 15 years now since I began this adventure in Money Coaching.  In case you haven’t noticed, many things have become drastically different in that time, none the least of which is the internet!

Back when I started it was pretty simple to put up a website, and in some ways it still is…but…will that “do it yourself little website” actually do what you need?  Frankly I think those days have passed.

There is now all this SEO stuff to complicate matters.  Oh, and then there is the issue of being happily visible on a cell phone.  And wait, what about that mess that happens when robots grab your site.  At one point I actually had some goofy thing that was high jacking visitors to my $ensible Coaching site to a place promoting Rush Limbaugh selling Viagra in Thailand. That one made me laugh out loud, still does!folding-chair-makeovers-5-300x200

So here we are in this new land of technology and I’ve just completed my fourth website makeover.  I’m an old hand at this.

I call this one “makeover” because it really is different.  The experience was different and the results are different.

On the makeover experience side, I’ve never tried to do this by myself, I’m not a techy type. Today it seemed even more important that I find people who really knew the ins and outs of all the fiddly bits.

It may not take a village, but it does take a few well-chosen experts.  I had two!

I’m beyond pleased with my website guru, Arthur Breur and his team at FireSpike . They have been doing this since 2001, so they really know their stuff.  He did all sorts of wonderful wizzy things, some that are obvious and some that are elegantly behind the scenes.  Truly, if you:

  • Need a website…
  • Want website advice…
  • Need technical support with a website…
  • Actually want to work with someone who speaks your language (i.e., not techno)…
  • Want someone who is willing to make suggestions…
  • Want someone who is ethical, honest and on time…

Just contact Arthur.  He is all that and more.  I was all prepped for a repeat of my past experiences, the ones where there were tons of questions, where I had to sometimes pull teeth to get something that worked, let alone that I liked.  None of that happened.  I’m still amazed.

And it wasn’t just Arthur, it was also my stellar and practical Marketing Ninja, Jerry Fletcher . Over the years Jerry has been diligent at helping me stay on track with my message and brand.  He’s really savvy about both traditional and internet based marketing. I love his direct style and clarity, not to mention his oft times wicked sense of humor.

They both deserve much applause.

As to the results of the makeover, I’m truly proud.  I’m actually glad that you can’t go back and look at the old sites (the website and blog are now combined into one site) because this is just so much nicer.  Arthur made a great observation at the beginning of the process about how as sites get older they start getting cluttered.  We often end up added instead of editing.

This makeover is extensive.  I find the site to be modern, sleek, and somehow a sophisticated version of my quirky nature.

So stop reading and go check it out!  I want to hear what you think. www.sensiblecoaching.com.

Remember, I’m ready to help you untangle your money knots. Give me a call at                       503-258-1630 or check out my website.


Shell Tain, The Untangler