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Pockets of Peace

We all need a respite every once in a while, don’t we?  I love this word: respite.   It means: delay or cessation for a time, especially of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief.  Lately I’ve been talking with clients a lot about these respite spots.  I’ve been calling them Pockets of Peace.  Ponzu

We all have different ways to restore and recharge.  The possibilities are really endless, it all depends on what works for you.  Some of us are more adept at this that others.  For example cats!  Note my cat, Ponzu in her sunny Pocket of Peace. Not a care in the world.


I recently had my own experience of this that came about in an odd way.  I took my computer in for an “upgrade” last week.  It was gone Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday.  Initially it was truly odd and disconcerting.  I’d have some random question come up in my head, something like “Gee how hot is it supposed to get today?” or “Did Oscar Wilde know Winston Churchill?”  You know those questions that we now can instantly answer with Google?  Except when we can’t because we have no computer.  Then there was the “Oh, since I have this time why don’t I call my friend Janet?  I haven’t talked to her in ages!”  Guess where her phone number is stored…yep, in the computer.

So it wasn’t a complete technology fast.  I had the telly, and phone.  It was odd, I felt a bit at sea like we do with anything we aren’t used to.  And then it started to shift.  If became this Pocket of Peace.  Somehow I felt calmer.  I seemed to have time in a new way.   I made a Caftan from choosing the fabric from my stash, to cutting it and sewing it all in one day.  Without rush or hurry.

And when the computer came back, although I was happy and thrilled that it now works better, I wasn’t seduced back to the constant call it sends of “Come see what’s on Facebook!  Play a few card games! Check your email!”  And a week later, although I’m back on the computer, I’m still in a calmer place.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s about stopping so much “doing” so I can experience more “being”!  That being place seems to bring things into perspective.  They seem more manageable and less urgent to me.

A while back I wrote a blog about Time Travel, and how as humans we do that all that time – go back in the past, dream of the future.  In away I was experiencing Time Travel.  I was in a slower time that  was allowing me more focus and Pockets of Peace…ahhh.

As summer comes to a close in a couple of weeks and we all head back into the scurry of September, let’s remember and make room for our own Pockets of Peace.


Shell Tain, The Untangler

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Time Travel

Most of us have spent some time pondering time travel. That idea of being able to go back and do something differently, or even just go back and relive some time in our past, is timetravelcaptivating. It’s also great fun to dream about and imagine the future. We think this is the stuff of science fiction novels, which it often is. And we do it all the time.

Yes, as humans we practice time travel. Many of us spend much more time time traveling than we do being in the present.

I’m sure that my dog, Decaf, used to dream. She would run in her sleep, just pedaling those back legs like crazy. That could certainly be considered time travel. But mostly dogs are in the present. “Ah, here, bone! Wow! Hey, over here, really good smells. Woof!” Many of us have experienced a similar phenomenon with cats. “Yes, you may rub me there, that is nice. Oh, I’m done now, meow!”

I hadn’t really considered this idea until I was on a call last week with Jim Smith (www.TheExecutiveHappinessCoach.com). He talked about the idea that we are all time travelers. This idea entranced me, and naturally (for me anyway) that lead me to thinking about how time travel effects how we think about money. It’s a money knot to untangle! Ha!

Most of the angst we have about money has little to do with where money is in the present. In this moment your money is what it is. It is dollars and cents. It is numbers. It is NOT emotion. The emotion in money comes from the past and the future. It comes from your time travel and the time travel of your parents. They worried about money, being afraid it would never be enough. You learned to worry about it, and not only did you time travel with it, but you agreed with theirs. If you travel back in time and consider your past, there has always been enough wasn’t there? Sometimes enough was less than at other times but there was enough, right?

And your worry about the future is that there won’t be enough. You travel ahead and fret about it. If past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, then you will also have enough in the future, since you had enough in the past, right? Part of the problem is that deep down you probably believe that worrying about money actually helped you do better with it.

I’m going to disagree with that idea, and explore it in the present. So, think of something about money that is worrisome. Okay, now fret a bit about it. What are the thoughts you come up with? Most likely something about “I must save more. Who knows what might happen? What if I lose my job? What if the house catches fire?….” on and on. Notice that the worry actually takes you time traveling into the future. We can plan for the future, we can dream of the future but we can’t actually be there, can we? So worrying now just distracts you from the present and sends you time traveling. It gets you emotional and more importantly distracts you from being here now.

Here’s a revelation. All those choices that you made about money in the past are what created where you are today with money, right? And when you made most of them, you weren’t really conscious of them in the present moment. In that past place you were worrying about money in the future. You weren’t really and truly noticing what you were doing with your money in that now. You were making choices without clear thought or direction. That’s where the money mess started. Right there while you were distracted with time traveling.

There is only one place to fix your money…NOW! It’s not about the choices you made in the past or the ones you make in the future. It’s the ones you make now. We all may have some “clean up” to do around our money choices and thinking, and it starts now, right now.

How about practicing actually being in the present when you are dealing with money? What is that purchase you are making? What is it about? How does it support you? How does it really reflect what you want from your money? Be in the now with money…and know that doing that will change the future and the past from here on out!

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Shell Tain, The Untangler