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Hiring Money to Work for You

Imagine that you were going to hire Money to work for you.  I’m not talking about the investor conversation, I’m talking about hiring Money to work hand in hand with you on your money thinking and actions every day.

I think part of the problem for many people is that they didn’t get to hire Money.  It’s as if your personal “money helper” was foisted on you without your input or consent.  What I’m referring to here is that Little Kid you have managing your money, that you have no doubt heard me go on about.  I’ve talked with many people about finding a better, wiser, more mature entity to be your “personal money ally”.

Now I’d like to cresethat with you a bit about playing with the idea of going through the process of hiring Money to work for you.

You have experience in hiring people.  It may be actual employees or it may be the person you hired to fix your roof.  You’ve also no doubt interviewed for jobs yourself.  This is not brand new territory.

What is new is the idea of thinking in terms of hiring Money.

The hiring process is all about steps (ones that you probably have never really defined for your Money):

  1. What is the basic job description? Do you want an assistant or a CFO? Do you want Money to be part time or full time?
  2. What are the essential qualifications and skills you want Money to have? Do you want it to be smart?  Do you want it to be fun?
  3. What do you want Money to actually do for you? Do you want help crunching numbers? Do you want help with your money thinking? Do you want help making decisions?

I know that this seems weird!  But think about it.  You have probably given over the running of the money side of your life to a bunch of really old ideas about how money works and what it’s “rules” are.  You also most likely have let those old ideas make your money decisions. It’s kind of like being stuck with a bad employee that someone else hired, isn’t it?

So I’m suggesting that you push that big reset button with Money.  What would you change in your relationship with Money if you were to start over today?  How do you get the two of you into a relationship that really works?  Maybe it starts with a job interview?


Shell Tain, The Untangler

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