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Power Struggle

It may very well seem like all the struggle going on in our politics and our lives right now is about money.  Certainly money is front and center as a topic—but I want you to remember: Money doesn’t actually create the situation, it reflects it!  We need to be very careful as we come to conclusions about what it going on.  If we decide that money itself is a fault then we fall into the mess of blaming money for something it isn’t responsible for.  People make choices, money just goes where they put it.

When we make money responsible for people’s choices we tend to “throw the baby out with the bath water”.  We decide that money is bad, evil, dirty.  We decide things would be better if we have as little to do with money as possible.  As Spock would say that is a “most illogical reaction.”  And it’s a trap that will derail you.

We humans are pattern makers.   We lump things together to make them easier to deal with.  It works really well in lots of places.  Deciding that money is the cause of something that someone used money to do isn’t one of those places.   Greed isn’t about money—it’s about power.  (And just so you know rape isn’t about sex—it too is about power.)

Here’s how I know greed isn’t really about money.  If you magically had a room filled with money, but weren’t allowed to spend it or use it in any way, you wouldn’t want it.  What we want from money is what we can do with it, and that has nothing to do with money being good or bad—that’s up to us.

Money is just doing its job.  It’s telling us—without any judgement at all—what is happening.  Money is great that way.  It shows what Bill and Melinda Gates choose to do with their money.  It shows Warren Buffet giving billions to charities, including the Gates ones.  As you notice those who are greedy and self-serving with money, please balance that perspective with those who are generous.  It’s not money doing the choosing, it’s people.

Another way to think of it is that money is a mirror.   Let it show that how you make and spend your money is in alignment with your dreams and values.  Let’s allow money to do its job of supporting us by simply telling us what we are up to.


Shell Tain, The Untangler

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