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Shields Up!

shieldsBetween all the various star wars and treks we all are pretty familiar with this idea.

The idea is that when the enemy is attacking or even when you are in unknown territory, you want to have a protective bubble around you. And yet, somehow we miss the application of this idea on a personal and financial basis.

Let’s explore this a bit more.

What are some of the advantages of the shield?  In addition to the obvious protection from the bad stuff, and the sense of safety, the shield calms our fears a bit.  It allows us to assess the situation with a bit more clarity and a bit less panic.  That’s a really valuable thing.  A thing that I assert we need more of in our everyday lives.

The more empathetic a person is, the more “shielding” they need. As they let too much of the feelings of others in, it’s hard for the empathic soul to distinguish what is their true desire.  They get flooded with the other person’s stuff.  They definitely can benefit from shielding.  It helps them stand outside of the emotion.

Those that are less empathetic also need this concept in their daily lives.  They need to use the mantra: ‘It’s not about me, it’s not about me, it’s not about me…etc’ over and over to activate their shields.  When we think it’s about us, we get defensive.  As we get defensive, we can’t actually see what’s going on.  We get distracted and lose clarity.

The fact is that most of the time it’s not about us, even when it seems like it is. All of us are self-centered to some degree.  We project our views, beliefs and opinions on others.  We react with judgment and criticism.  People get frustrated and ‘take it out’ on others.  We want it to be someone else’s fault, not ours.  We do that to others and others do that to us.  It makes communication very messy!

So we get in trouble when we either lose ourselves or think it’s all about us.  One way to mitigate that is to have your ‘shields up’.  The idea of activating your shield helps you be more conscious.  It helps you step, ever so slightly, back so you can see more clearly.  It protects you.

And frankly, when it comes to money, we tend to arm our photon torpedoes even before it occurs to us to put up our shields and take a look at what’s going on.  Hmmm.