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Money and Emotion

One of our biggest problems with money is the unrecognized emotion around it.

Sure we know about our “up front” money emotions.  There is the worry, the fretting and fear that there won’t be enough.  There is the confusion and concern about what to charge.  There is the angst about how to actually ‘afford’ retirement.  Those are all there, pushing and pulling at us.

But what about the other emotions around money?  The deeper, wordless ones?

You probably haven’t considered them, or  thought about the possibility that they even exist.  That’s pretty natural, because they are really, really old.

emotionRemember that thing about how we learn about money when we are really young, starting even when we are still pre-verbal?  And the first thing we learn is that we don’t talk about it?  So we interpret what we see our parent’s doing with what I call our ‘little kid brilliance’.  And that little kid part of us continues to run our money, unhindered and unconsidered for years and years.  Remember that?

Well, there is another piece to it.  A subtle yet important piece to it.  It’s the emotional ‘field’ that happens whenever your parents talked about money.  What was that?  Think of the emotional field as an aura, or a sense of the tone.  You know how that works.  We walk in a room and it just feels funny.  Maybe it has a bad vibe.

When we are very little babies, that is what the world is.  A big mass of emotional fields.  There are no words or concepts, there is just the perception of the field.

And the field around money was probably gunky, grey and unsettled.

Here’s this thing that comes up all the time, is dealt with daily, and every single time, there is something weird, odd and creepy about it.  Based on that repeated evidence, what conclusion would your little kid brain come to?

I’m guessing it would be that money is yucky, scary, awful stuff, and definitely to be avoided.  So there’s the hidden money emotion.  It’s not about specifics, it about the emotional field that is activated every time money comes up.

You have a choice to keep or change that field.  It’s not the only way, it’s simply one possibility.  Changing it is much more available once you recognize that it’s there.  So see what the overall mood is around money, and then choose!  Choose to keep it that way or to change it.It will make a difference, I promise.