Speaking / Training

Book Shell Tain, the Money Knot Untangler to speak for your group

“To give you a sense of my speaking style, here I am telling a
“Little Kid Thinking” story, 
on myself!”


I’ll give your group a fresh look at money. I know how hard it is to find a new, fresh topic for a group. One of my money knot untangling talks may be just the thing! You won’t get spreadsheets, power points, and lectures about budgeting. I don’t do any of that. I give your group an interactive experience they won’t forget! No number crunching involved, really!

My presentations explore new ways of thinking about money. New ideas on how to handle it. New techniques to wrap your head around.

Your group will be engaged and surprised by what they learn and discover while I tell signature stories and get them out of their seats to explore new ways of thinking.

Presentations are available lasting 45 – 90 minutes

A couple of current ‘hot’ topics:

  • Riding the Money Rapids: Tools for managing money conversations
  • Overcoming Scarcity Thinking
  • The GOSH Model: The no numbers budget model


Money oriented training for people in your organization

Workshop Page-005-2Frankly, almost everyone has some quirky ideas about money. That includes your employees, your sales force, your clients, and maybe even you! When your staff has more clarity about what’s really going on in a money conversation the whole interaction is better.

My trainings give your employees a new understanding of how to manage money conversations, both the easy parts and the darker, more murky areas, as well.

Additionally, experiential exercises and examples, along with Q & A can really help bring the new skills and thinking home. This learning will improve customer service, increase sales and build both employee and customer loyalty.

Hot Topics:

  • Billings and Collections, Oh My!
  • Negotiations – The Money Traps
  • Managing Client Expectations: Customer Service and Money

With over 150 presentations to more than 75 different groups under my belt, I know how to stir up money thinking in engaging ways.

Call me at 503-258-1630 so we can get an event going for you.