Money Groundwork: Enriching Your Relationship With Money

Groundwork CoverHere’s an easy way to change your money beliefs!

Try this self-hypnosis recording I created with the expert help of certified hypnotherapist Gary Meyer. While you are relaxing and listening your subconscious will be taking in positive money messages. Listening will help you reframe and change the beliefs that are keeping you from having a great relationship with money.

Messages include:

  • Being more effective with money in ways that are natural to you
  • Making better choices with money
  • Having a positive relationship with money
  • Having both confidence and awareness around money
  • Trusting and believing in yourself

We just don’t get positive money messages anywhere. Money is too taboo a topic to talk about. Because of that most of us are stuck with really grungy beliefs about a topic that need not be that way.

This is a relaxation tape so please do not listen while driving. It not only is likely to put you to sleep it actually works better that way.

Give yourself an easy way to will help your inner money thoughts be more positive.

Self-Hypnosis MP3 download: $14.00 US

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