Work With Me

How we untangle your money knots

Shell Tain, The UntanglerSo what would working with me be like?

For starters, I don’t think you need to be a number cruncher to have a good relationship with money. You don’t have to pretzel yourself into someone you’re not. You do have to find a way to really know what’s going on, to be connected to your money, to look at it, play with it, use it purposefully.

We’ll find a unique way for you and money to get along and be friends. Together, we can unpack the baggage, figure out what you’re really good at and use those talents to create a new way to be with money.

What if it’s about more than the money? What then?

We’ll deal with it. Actually, the secret is that it’s not about money. Money is a symptom of the knot and not the cause. What I do is life coaching with a money focus. Nothing is forbidden for you and I to talk about, not even the most taboo topic, money itself.

Who are my clients?

  • Individuals who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, or small business people with money knots to untangle.
  • Couples/Partners who are feeling tangled up in their money stuff together.
  • Small businesses who want training and understanding around money for themselves and their staff. (see the Events/Speaking page for more about this)

How do we work together?

My clients and I have phone meetings with lots of emails in-between.

One Knot at a time: You don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but you would like some support. Great! We set up time for an hour call. You can schedule one any time.

Untangling: You are ready to make a three month commitment. You start by filling out a questionnaire. It’s sort of like the on-line dating questions but these are about money. There is a 90 minute first call, followed by monthly hour-long calls. You decide how many calls you want a month. You do need to do at least 2 a month so you can get some traction.

What’s it cost?

Yep, that’s the question you want answered, I know it is. And I’m not going to tell you.

Instead how about this? We set up some time for a free Money Knot Untangling phone call. I’ll do my best to help you with a Money Knot and when I’m done, if you are interested in working with me we can talk about fees. I’m happy to get to know you a bit and untangle a knot with you even if we don’t end up working together.

I have a good reason. Hang on, let me explain with a bit of Money Knot untangling. It’s about what I call a Money Trap. Money Traps are “holes” in your money thinking. This one is like Goldilocks. You remember her? The nosy little girl who wanders into the Bear family home. She’s picky about her porridge. So are we all.

I know that if I tell you what my fee is now, your brain will fixate on that number and it will fall into a Money Trap. It’s likely that the number will either be too high or too low. What are the odds it’s just right? Neither too hot, nor too cold, but just perfect?

And to me what’s even more important is that it’s likely that once you have that number in your head you will have stopped  thinking about untangling your money stuff, and be focused only on what it might cost. Let’s not have that happen.

Call me. The price is right.