Shell Tain, the Money Coach who untangles money knots

Money Coach Shell Tain and her father, 1957Yep, that’s me. Let me tell you how I got here.

When I was little my dad wanted to make sure I understood how money worked so he started me early. He taught me about money in all sorts of ways. He borrowed money from me and paid me back with interest. He made sure I balanced a ledger of Income and Out Go before I got my allowance. He made it fun to learn the basics of handling money. It’s no mistake that when I started working it was in accounting.

I did well in my many years as an accountant and eventually worked my way up to being in the Company Controller jobs. The ironic thing about accounting as a career path is that I’m much more of a people person than a number cruncher. When the guy that managed a multi-million dollar product line came into my office and said: “Shell, I need your help…I can’t balance my check book!” I got intrigued. I wanted to know what that was about. Checkbook balancing wasn’t rocket science. There was something else going on here besides math. What was that?

What it was, was a money knot!

Eventually, down a somewhat twisted path, I came upon this then new thing: Life Coaching. Now that was really up my alley! I was so jazzed to learn how to help people live better lives. I studied with the Coaches Training Institute, and completed ORSC (Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching) training. I held the accreditations of CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from the Coaches Training Institute, and  PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation from the International Coach Federation for many years.

I was struck by how many people were tangled up in money stuff and how being stuck was mucking up their lives. So I rolled up my sleeves and jumped right in. I can safely say that I am a money coaching pioneer.

Over the years, in addition to wearing all sorts of money/accounting hats, I’ve managed a radio station, a shopping center and been an interior designer. The truth is that helping people untangle their money knots is the only career that has never bored me. My guess is it never will!

Call me. Let’s see if I can help you with a money knot or two?