Think of your Company as a Person

Back when I was deeply immersed in “Corporate Land” I tried to hold the standard of: “What is best for the company?”  I truly felt that if something was good for the company overall then it was worth my time and effort.  Most of you reading this are in essence your own Company.  You are the company or the company is at least all yours.  So now this “What is best for the company?”  and “What is best for you?” can get a bit tangled.  Sometimes it’s even hard to tell where the boundary is, isn’t it?  When is it about you?  When is it about the company?  When is it about both?

Thinking of your company as a person can be a great exercise for a small business owner or sole proprietor.Thinking about that led me to the idea that it’s just like a romantic relationship:  Yours, mine and ours.  You are the decider for all three entities.  Yep, entities.  In a way they each have a voice and thus each need a say in what is going on.  That works in a relationship and it will work in your business, too.

Let’s agree with that metaphor for a moment and imagine that your company was actually a person.  What might happen if you started to think of your company as a person?  As a partner with you in your business?  How might that collaboration benefit both you and your company?

What would that person look like?  What would they be wearing?  What are their hopes and dreams?  Really envision your company as a person.  Give them a name, or a nickname based on the company’s name.  Start to give the company a voice so you can balance the conversation.  After all, if it is truly your company then whatever is good for it is at least worth giving serious consideration, yes?

Of course, what you really want is what’s best for both you and your company.  That’s the best result.  And just like in a relationship sometimes one side needs to give in or at least compromise.  How would that work between you and your company?

What’s currently going on in your business?  Which side seems to hold the power?  What would balance look and feel like?

Many of us sacrifice too much of ourselves for the company.  We pour time and energy there and get exhausted.  We forget to take care of ourselves and reinvigorate our enthusiasm for the work.

On the other side some people try to ignore the company side and just do the parts that seem engaging.  One of the things the company side really wants is all that crunchy numbers stuff and that fiddly administrivia… yawn!  And yet those thing turn out to be really helpful stuff in the long run.

See if this idea of actually anthropomorphizing your company into an entity gives you a new way to balance the scales.  Play with it.  Have meetings with your company.  Even go on retreats together.  It’s amazing what the two of you can do. Wow! Power couple on the rise!


Shell Tain, The Untangler

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3 thoughts on “Think of your Company as a Person

  1. Sandy

    I love this idea! My business is brand new and we have a ton to do to get up and going. I named her Sam (as this was a nickname I had periodically when I was young) – and I do have a mission thru my business to help everyone get healthy by learning to eat and move healthier, buy clean foods and chemical free products, etc… And it came to me, Sam is Save All Mankind! (at least to the best of her abilities)

    It has been fun this morning talking to SAM about her mission. I do feel a bit funny talking to myself, but I do totally see there needs to be a separation between me and Sam. We both have our unique needs and have lately become too intertwined! For some reason, just giving the business a name and identity, lifted a ton of weight off the personal “me”.

    Now off to our board meeting – Sam and I have a budget meeting scheduled for today! And a newsletter to write and a website to create and …

  2. Corinne McElroy

    Hi Shell,
    What an interesting idea. Looking at my company through the eyes of the company alone has me pondering.. Bring us together and noticing what the third entity wants and needs really has me curious.
    Thank you for the post and the new perspective.

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