Secret: Money Is Really About Emotion

And here’s the real secret about money in our society.  It’s not supply based, it’s emotion based.   The market responds to emotion.  It responds to rumor, hearsay and innuendo.  For example, the US government doesn’t actually care how much counterfeit money is floated.  The government wants to stop counterfeiters, not because the fake money will devalue the dollar, but because we might be afraid it has and act accordingly.  It’s an emotion based issue. 

And you, too, are bringing emotion to your money.  You feel good about some purchases and bad about others.   You have emotion, and even shame, around debt or bankruptcy.  You have emotion around how much money others do or do not have.

Money itself isn’t actually emotional.  Emotions belong to us, not money.  Money is just a human construct.  All it does is keep track: plus 5, minus 12, no gain, etc.  Emotions in themselves are wonderful things.  However, when we assign emotion to symbols, and money is really nothing but a symbol, we lose track of what’s real.  Maybe it’s time to take a good long look at your emotions around money, and to see if they are serving you and your goals.  Perhaps you might let go of your anger at others who have more, and focus on enjoying yours.  Perhaps you might choose to have more so you can give to others.  Perhaps you might choose to have more in order to enjoy life more yourself.  Can you choose to take the emotion out of money?