Fixin’ To

My dad spent over 30 years of his life in Texas, and I spent a bunch of time visiting him there.  Texans, and others too, have a phrase “Fixin’ To”, similar to “Moseying Up To”.  There are some distinctions.  Mosey means to amble toward, approach in a leisurely fashion.  Fixin’ To means to get ready, prepare, contemplate, but not actually move!

It’s kind of like that old “try to pick up the pencil” exercise.  You either pick it up or you don’t, but trying doesn’t actually create results.  Neither does Fixin’ To.

I realized that, as we approach the end of the year, there are a bunch of things I’m fixin’ to do, none the least of which is write my next blog post!

I’ve got this lovely, unorganized pile of sticky notes with blog post ideas on them.  It’s really fun.  Someone says something, I hear a new word, an idea lands and out comes the sticky note.

The trick seems to be in actually writing about one of them!

Maybe it’s cheatin’ somehow to write about fixin’ to write?  It is, however, important that we recognize that to achieve things we have to have our intentions and our actions align.  The Fixin’ To place is a great place to get clear on your intentions.  Hang out there awhile and you’ll have a better sense of direction, as well as more clarity around your dreams.  However, staying there won’t actually make anything come to life.

There are a bunch of things, especially for my business, that I’m hanging out in the Fixin’ To Land for next year.

What about you?  What are you fixin’ to do?  And what will it take to move from Fixin’ To to Doing?