Alert:  This time we are untangling a non-money thing…oh my!  Why?  For the fun of it.  ‘Course, you can always see if there are a couple of portmanteaux you can create about money.


Does your brain ever go faster than your mouth?  Mine sure does.  One of the results of that is that words somehow get magically combined as I’m speaking.  Sort of kluged together to form a new word.  For me it’s often a spontaneous event.

And guess what! There is actually a name for it!  ‘Course, if I was going to make up a name for it I would choose something more like “wordsmash” or “wordendipity” instead of Portmanteau.  Why Portmanteau?  Because Humpty Dumpty (through Lewis Carroll) said so to Alice as in explaining Jabberwocky speak:

‘You see it’s like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word.’

And a portmanteau is a piece of luggage that opens into two equal sides.

I love these things. I’ve always loved “wordplay”, puns and such.  Somehow when the words get combined they have a new and stronger meaning than just using them next to each other.  See if that rings true for you in these favorites of mine:

Obstressing (obsess, and stress)

Critisults (criticize and insult)

Frienaissance (friend and renaissance)

Administrivia (administrative and trivia)

I’d love to hear what some of your favorites are….

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