Start With A Blank Canvas

Our money brains get stuck.  We come to conclusions and there they sit.  Every once in awhile it’s good to stir things up a bit and change the perspectives.

In that light, it’s time for a creative money untangling project.  You can do it any way you like.

You can actually draw or paint things, you can imagine, you can cut and paste.  Any which way is just fine.  What we want to do is look at things a bit differently and see what you notice, what shows up.

A great way to uncover more of your money beliefs is to play with the idea of money being a person, or at least an entity in your life.

Yes, I know money isn’t a person, and yet there are many ways in which most of us have given it both a personality and a certain sense of power.   How do you actually think of money?  Is it friendly, or not?  Does it support you, or does it seem to desert you when you need it most?

The first step is to bring to mind the things that you believe about money, and then translate those beliefs into qualities.  Stingy might be closed fisted, or covered in patches?  Angry might have a mean scowl, or maybe horns?

Let your imagination run wild.  Colors, textures, images, tails, fangs, whatever.  Think of it as a warm up to Halloween.

How are you doing?  This first piece is the image of money as you have held it in the past.  Notice all the things you decided were money’s fault.  Notice where money felt negative or tough.  Create the image.  Really get it.

Now, step two.  Set that image aside.  You don’t need to hide it, but understand that it’s now outdated.  It was no doubt an image that you inherited from family and culture.  You may have adjusted it a bit, maybe had the hair grow longer, but it came from that basic source.  You didn’t actually choose it.

Step three, create the new money image.  An ally, a champion, a friend and a companion.  Someone who will really support you around your money.

The possibilities are endless.  Over the years my clients have picked the likes of Ben Franklin, Superman, a Tiger, an Owl, Xena Warrior Princess, Elizabeth I, Uncle Fred, and many people with magical or even mathematical qualities.

It’s a great thing to both day dream and get creative about.  And by looking at the metaphors, the archetypes and the images, you will likely come to some amazing “aha’s” about your relationship with money.

Let me know what you come up with…and share on the blog if you’d like!

One thought on “Start With A Blank Canvas

  1. Arthur Breur

    My new personification of money:

    Pleni DiNero
    The embodiment of not just money, but plentitude and value, Pleni is shaped like a fit, healthy guy in his early adulthood. He has (literally) metal skin, some parts silver, other gold, other copper, other nickel. His lips are copper, his teeth are bright white platinum. (Literally a million dollar smile.) And he does smile a lot, when he’s not outright laughing. When he’s sad, he still smiles, sadly, and his eyes show the sadness. He wears a three-piece nice suit that looks to be tailored out of all kinds of paper money, all different colors from around the world. The buttons are different kinds of coins, gold, silver, copper, nickel, but he’s shirtless under the vest. (Hey, I also wanted my personification of money to be sexy.) Just above the buttons in his vest, you can see, inside his diamond chest, a valentine-shaped heart with strings attached rather than blood vessels. (This part is my representation of the personal value that is also out there, in addition to monetary values.) He loves hanging out with people who treat him well, and keeps giving everybody else another chance to do so. He’s strong like a superhero, to be there to protect me when I need protection.

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