Where Are You Great?

We all have talents and strengths.  Sometimes we forget.   Sometimes we try to do better at the things we aren’t good at.  Seems like a good idea.  Sometimes it is, if not a good idea, a necessary one.

Here’s the problem.  When you try to do better at the things you aren’t good at, the things you don’t have a natural aptitude for, the best you can do is go from crappy to adequate.


Think about it.

Now, if you take the things you already have a talent for, the things you have a natural proclivity for, you can go from being good to being Tony the Tiger grrreat

So when you have a choice (and you usually do) why not do something you already show some affinity for?

It’s part of how I feel about you and money.  You don’t have to struggle through number crunching to be good with money.  You DO have to find a way to connect with and understand what money is telling you.  There are a myriad of ways to do that.  Some of them are even fun.

So what are you already good at?  And how can you use that talent to create a better understanding of and relationship with money?

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