The Numbers Told Me So

One of the unique and valuable things about money, and its language of numbers is its neutrality.  It really doesn’t have emotion.  It isn’t for or against.  It’s just there, or not.   Money doesn’t tell you that you made a bad choice, it just tells you want you did without judgment.  That’s both delightful and refreshing in my view.  

It’s one of the things that has always intrigued me about money.  How we attach so much emotion, opinion and judgment to it.  Yep, we do that ourselves, money doesn’t.  

As I start really getting into this blog thing, I recognize a similar thing going on for me.  I have frankly been dragging my feet about social media in general and blogging in particular.  I am, like many of us, resistant to change.  To a certain extent I enjoy that resistance, I relish in it.  It allows me to do one of my favorite things-be eccentric.

So my emotions and opinions got tied up in there until the numbers told me something different.  I have a newsletter, the Money Knot, that I have been doing for years (and will continue publishing as a place to explore things more deeply).  Recently I noticed the number of people getting my newsletter had dropped about 15{d17d1c7cbc79c3528c645ea839b9b4dcb45f699f05bb148e76e09641ba980643} and was staying at that new level.  I, and thus my exploration of our money perspectives, was being left behind. Drat!  

Can’t have that happen.  

So I’m listening to the numbers.  They say do something different, and that’s what this is.  We’ve been fussing and fiddling with the blog this summer, so it can really be humming by the fall.  The big bugs seem to be handled.  We have a process.  We certainly have a lot to talk about.  And the numbers said it’s time.  

What are your numbers trying to tell you?  Have you looked lately?  Why not see what the numbers and the money are trying to say?

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