Shell Tain, Money Knot Untangler

Here you are: an independent, courageous person who is  directly responsible for what you make. You may work for a company, but your pay is based on your sales. You work alone or you have employees. And you’ve got some money knots and they gnaw at you. They show up in places like this:

  • You feel as though no matter what you do, there is never enough money
  • You’ve tried all sorts of systems to handle your money. None of them worked!
  • You get tongue tied when someone asks what you charge
  • You’d rather do anything than ask someone to pay their past due bill
  • You start offering a discount before anyone’s even asked for one
  • Mainly you just avoid the whole topic of money:
    • You don’t look at it
    • You don’t want to talk about it
    • You wish it would magically just somehow be okay

What is this? You’ve been quite successful in many ways. You’ve done a bunch of “personal work” and yet money baffles you. This money stuff is bizarre, it’s maddening, it feels like you must have been sick the day they went over money, doesn’t it? It sure looks like everyone else has this thing figured out. Well, they don’t. Not at all. 97.5% of people are just as mixed up as you are when it comes to money.

The problem isn’t that there’s something wrong with you. It isn’t that you can’t do numbers or are too creative for this stuff. It isn’t that you can’t do a budget. It’s even more basic. It’s that you don’t even look at your accounts.

What really needs to happen is a change in how you think about money. How you see it. The way you interact with it. The way you handle it. And, by the way, that has absolutely nothing to do with number crunching. Frankly, most of the time my clients never even give me actual numbers. Imagine that!

You don’t have to change who you are to do better with money. You don’t have to become a spreadsheet wizard, or speak “finance”. What you do have to do is find a new way to look at, interact with, and understand your money. That’s exactly what I can help you do.

In our work we will actually lean on who you are and what you do well and then have those qualities be the path to how you interact with money.

Are you ready to explore how that might actually work? Call me to see if we’re comfortable with each other. If so, we’ll get to untangling this gnarled up money knot!